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RS300 Boat Register / History

The boat register history has been built up over many years by owners of the boats entering their own details. If you see a boat number missing or a boat that you have previously owned but the entry is not there, please enter the details as a new entry.
This helps people when purchasing used boats as well as helping us build events calendars closer to the active fleets.
Boat Not Listed?

CountrySail NoOwnerPurchasedClub
GBR556Peter Mackin13/01/2019Stokes Bay Sailing Club
GBR547Matt Kirman16/01/2016Girton SC
GBR544Dave Acres08/01/2016Emsworth/Thorney
GBR542Chris Bridle30/06/2014Hykeham SC
AFG540Richard Le Mare30/10/2014
GBR539Peter Curtis08/03/2013Osland Barn Reservoir SC
GBR538Jonathan Edwards14/05/2014Shotwick Lake SC
GBR537Richard Westbury29/03/2015Bartley
GBR532Cheryl Wood08/05/2019Pennine Sailing Club
GBR531Mark Taylor01/04/2017Prestwick SC
GBR530Marcus Flint10/09/2012Aldenham S C
AFG528Paul Watson13/07/2017Bowmoor Sailing Club
GBR527Ian Clark03/04/2015Warsash SC
GBR526Mark Donnelly01/05/2010Aldenham S C
GBR525Paul Brown26/03/2021South Cerney Sailing Club
GBR524Matt SargentRoyal Artillery Yacht Club
GBR523Harry Mcvicar06/03/2008Aldenham Sailing Club
GBR521Peter CarrPrestwick Sailing Club
GBR520Mike Bees21/03/2009Brightlingsea S C
GBR519Tom Moore14/04/2016
GBR518Luke Pepper30/03/2014Hykeham Sailing Club
GBR517James Cunnison01/01/2012Emsworth Slipper
GBR516Andy Pyett06/12/2010Combs Sailing Club
GBR515John Peters27/03/2007Hykeham Sailing Club
GBR513Chris Massey19/02/2017Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club
GBR511David Houghton26/08/2013Great Yarmouth & Gorleston SC
GBR510Sven Holwell01/02/2014South Cerney Sailing Club
GBR509james carnague01/04/2008Aldenham Sailing Club
GBR508Alan Sinclair01/06/2010Prestwick Sailing Club
GBR507Alasdair Cattanach13/07/2013Prestwick
GBR506Oliver Di Bartolo11/03/2017Queensmead SC
GBR505LawsonUnited Services Sailing Club, Gibraltar
GBR504MarshUnited Services Sailing Club, Gibraltar
GBR503David Sinclair07/12/2012Prestwick Sailing Club
GBR502Jim McGillivrayPrestwick Sailing Club
GBR500Peter Ellis05/09/2009Aldenham Sailing Club
GBR490Alistair Mclaughlin22/02/2014Prestwick Sailing Club
GBR482Tom Elliot28/05/2016Peterhead Sailing Club
GBR481MasonDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR480John Turner13/08/2017Whitefriars SC
GBR479Julian Gunnell04/07/2015
GBR478James Cowlishaw13/05/2013Sheffield Viking SC
GBR476Steve Sallis31/12/2013Hykeham Sailing Club
GBR475Chris Hart01/01/2006Alton Water Sailing Club
GBR474WatsonLoch Tummel Sailing Club
GBR472Michael EnsorBexhill on Sea Sailing Club
GBR471Matt Rawson01/03/2020Ogston
GBR460Tom Ballingall03/04/2016
GBR457Paul Thompson18/03/2011Combs Sailing Club
GBR456Ross McKissock03/11/2013Deben Yacht Club
GBR455Mike Essex29/08/2006Hythe & Saltwood S C
GBR454Marcus Flint21/06/2010Aldenham Sailing Club
GBR452Ian Ross12/09/2010Prestwick Sailing Club
GBR451Matt Pedlow16/10/2016Milton Keynes Sailing Club
GBR450Mark Henman01/01/2002Sunderland Yacht Club
GBR445Ian Baillie11/12/2000Dalgety Bay S C
GBR444Duncan Madin01/06/2012Waveney and Oulton Broad Yacht Club
GBR443Ed Evans24/10/2015Brightlingsea
GBR441Benjamin Stitt07/04/2008Brading Haven Yacht Club
GBR440Luke Pepper03/10/2009Hykeham Sailing Club
GBR439Mike Dawson01/02/2013Craven Sailing Club
GBR437Malcolm Downie09/02/2008Prestwick Sailing Club
GBR436Stuart Catterall (Ferel)04/07/2008Bolton Sailing Club
GBR435Maureen Ayre18/05/1999Thornton Steward SC
GBR434RussellMilton Keynes Sailing Club
GBR433David Houghton09/06/2014Great Yarmouth & Gorleston SC
GBR432Guy Painter06/03/2016Thorney Island
GBR431Graham Cooper02/07/2011Castle Cove S C
GBR430Ewen Shackel27/11/2017
GBR429Mike Dann18/06/2016
GBR426James Ruddiman31/01/2015Glossop Sailing Club
GBR425Chris GandyDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR424FryerWaveney & Oulton Broad Yacht Club
GBR423Rob Dainty23/05/2007Nottinghamshire county sailing club
GBR422Alastair WoodBough Beech S C
GBR421Mark Reddington01/06/1998Bartley Sailing Club
GBR420John CarronM K S C
GBR419Luke Ridout01/01/2007Christchurch Sailing Club
GBR417Dan Treloar31/07/2010Aldenham Sailing Club
GBR416BeveridgePrestwick Sailing Club
GBR415Andrew Belson20/10/2012Lakeside Sailing Club
GBR414CockerillStokes Bay Sailing Club
GBR413Julian Ingle18/10/2016Thorney Island Sailing Club
GBR412LeesonBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR411Steve Bolland23/01/2002Bristol Corinthian Y C
GBR410Tom Moore06/01/2014None
GBR409GrummittEmberton Park Sailing Club
GBR407Andrew RiddingtonLeigh and lowton sailing club
GBR406Jim Strother01/01/2001Aldenham
GBR405Dan Jackson 01/04/2021Tenby
GBR403David McCardel01/06/2012Prestwick Sailing Club
GBR401James Ruddiman22/10/2010Scammonden Water S C
GBR400KnowlesBassenthwaite Sailing Club
GBR399Jonathan Edwards01/05/2001Shotwick Lake SC
GBR398Emlyn DaviesTewkesbury Sailing Club
GBR397Andrew Elliott01/11/2007Rotherham Sailing Club
GBR395Ben Heppenstall25/09/2017Whitefriars SC
GBR393Chris Arnell05/07/2014Christchurch
GBR391BurchettLocks Sailing Club
GBR390Dominic Curry30/10/2013Glossop
GBR386Ross Davies16/04/2015Queen Mary SC
GBR385Jason Buchanan01/12/2008
GBR384John Charles24/10/2015Leigh-on-Sea SC
GBR383Stuart Hopson24/01/2015Shotwick Lake
GBR381Nicholas Lett01/03/2011
GBR380HenryDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR378Jason Scott01/02/2014
GBR374Ross Ryan01/11/2017Notts County Sailing Club
GBR373Richard Hargreaves01/01/2016Stewartby
GBR371Alex WatkinsHaversham Sailing Club
GBR370Paul ThompsonCombs Sailing Club
GBR369Alex Lomas01/01/2007Llandudno SC
GBR366Barry SteelAldenham Sailing Club
GBR365Dave Barker01/10/2009Draycote Water Sailing Club
GBR364Martin Walker 20/07/2015Shoreham Sailing Club
GBR362Martin DaviesRipon Sailing Club
GBR361Chris Bishop01/06/2010Bristol Corinthian YC
GBR360Peter Mackin20/03/2013Bolton Sailing Club
GBR356Allan Edwards10/04/2009Hawley Lake Sail Training Centre
GBR355Tim Norris 01/01/2017
GBR354Mark Newton05/01/2006West Lancs Yacht Club
GBR353chris clarke31/12/2014Pevensey Bay sc
GBR352Bob Peak19/01/2016Alton Water
351Rob Ford01/04/2017
GBR350Stuart DawsonWest Kirby Sailing Club
GBR347Alex Walton19/10/2014Chase SC
GBR346David Nunn01/09/2018Bowmoor Sailing Club
GBR345John Taylor09/04/2010Bartley
GBR344Daniel Tate02/07/2010Haversham Sailing Club
GBR343DewberryDeben Yacht Club
GBR342ian hopkins08/03/2014southport sailing club
GBR341Mike Leaver10/06/2018
GBR340Ian Hudson01/05/2010Chew Valley Lake S C
GBR339Cheryl Wood28/05/2017Pennine Sailing Club
GBR338Nigel Tonks13/02/2010Bartley Sailing Club
GBR337Paul Watson10/06/2015Bowmoor Sailing Club
GBR336Mark Taylor20/08/2010Prestwick Sailing Club
GBR335Tumber01/01/2006Grafham Water S C
GBR333Phare01/06/2004Bough Beech S C
GBR332Grant Blake21/11/2015Oxford Sailing Club
GBR331Joe Quick20/09/2013Coniston
GBR330Peter Newman15/02/2008Draycote Water Sailing Club
GBR328Tim KeenSheffield Viking Sailing Club
GBR327Cameron Shaw22/10/4670Largs sailing club
GBR326Jon Sweet01/07/2010Northampton Sailing Club
GBR325Ian Brewer09/05/2012Towy Boat Club, Carmarthen
GBR324Peter Curtis11/11/2000IBRSC
GBR323Fletcher07/07/2005Scaling Dam Sailing Club
GBR321Andy Bayliss11/02/2014Hykeham Sailing Club
GBR319Kevan BallMilton Keynes Sailing Club
GBR318Gary Morris01/09/2005South Cerney Sailing Club
GBR317Matt Mercer01/10/2013Crosby Sailing Club
GBR315ian hopkins04/11/2007Southport Sailing Club
GBR314Ed Deacon04/11/2012Hunts SC
GBR313Ben Green21/02/2015Highcliffe SC
GBR312Rob Addinell 01/09/2020Grafham Water
GBR311Nick Barrett07/07/2007
GBR310HooperSevern Sailing Club
GBR308Ed Adams01/03/2014Deben Yacht Club
GBR306Mike Hall21/05/2011Datchet Water Sailing Club
Boat Sold, new owner details not available.
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