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Fiona Clark

This is probably the most difficult news item I have ever written in 25 years of being involved in the RS Class Association, but we lost a lovely lady on Oct 5th. Fiona Clark tragically passed away. I don’t think it is right to go into any details of how she passed away, they are particularly sad and tragic. A unique talent Fiona won 3 National Championships in RS200’s and 400’s as a crew with 3 different helms, a pretty unique achievement. For a physically small lady to win the 400 Nationals was quite something and this has encouraged many similar stature ladies to give it a go and achieve top results. To them Fi was a hero. She was super fit and would always go for runs after a day’s racing. One of my favourite stories of Fiona was persuading Steve Irish, a good runner himself, to run round Draycote Water after a day’s racing in 200’s. I will never forget Steve’s face having arrived back totally struggling to draw breath and looking exhausted having kept pace with Fiona; only for Fi to suggest that was such fun let’s do another lap!! She had been selected in the England team to compete in the half marathon in championships in Denmark.


Fiona will be remembered by many of us as a quiet, shy lady who had a heart of gold who once you got to know her was lovely loyal friend. She completely under played her achievements and just did not entertain the thought that she was a top crew. She loved RS sailing and events and would always want to encourage others.


Fiona sailed for many years at Wierwood Sailing Club and on Oct 31st they are holding an event to remember Fiona and another member, Joe Pascoe, who also very sadly died the same week from cancer.  See the notice here. David Giles who she won her first RS200 Nationals with is coordinating the day and would love to receive any photos or stories from you of Fiona; his email is [email protected].


Also here is a very moving tribute to Fiona written by Elaine Watkins Jones; I would really encourage you to read it.  At the end of the article Elaine high lights causes Fiona was campaigning for and we are looking at organising specific fundraising events to support these causes.


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Fiona Clark:

16/09/80 – 5.10.2021


Tribute by Elaine Watkins Jones

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