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UK National Championships, part of the RS Games

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    RS300 Nationals - Day 1

    RS300 National Championship Day One 16 August 2018

    Day one.  It was a wet start with rain and a light wind, but the fleet got out in to the harbour ready for some close racing.  The first race started under the U flag in a very shifty wind. Steve Bolland did well despite the shifts to claim the win with Jon Emmett gaining a honourable mention for a 3rd in his first RS300 race.  Race two saw more predictable breeze and Mark Cooper another apprentice showed the whole fleet his transom for the first lap.  However the jammy so and so Steve Bolland managed to reel him in over the next lap with superior downwind kinetics and hold a picket fence (1,1) after the first day.   Thanks to Arky for his excellent race management.

    The fleet are writing this from the bar, surrounded by empty tables as the rest of the RS classes have called it an early night.  Undeterred the fleet have been making the most of happy hour before tonight’s traditional first night curry.

    In a surprising twist the black flag had been adopted at the curry house and those cautious late starters were awarded with curries first, while those pushing hard where rewarded with OCS (overdue curry service).

    Tomorrow the fleet head out into Weymouth Bay looking forward to some wave sailing to sort the brave from the scared!

    Written by everyone in the pub and curry house Cove. Xxx

    Day two

    RS300 Nationals Day Two

    Wind – 10-18knts

    3 long, gruelling but fun races

    Beautiful conditions in Weymouth bay were enjoyed by all today.  The breeze had upped the anti today, increasing up to 18knts at times which made for some action packed and sometimes hairy downwinds.  Steve Bolland (the jammy so and so) started how he finished yesterday with a win in the first race, followed by the ever consistent Dave Acres and James Phare in 3rd.

    The second race was most varied with big changes in pressure and some large shifts.  Paul Watson from Bowmoor showed a master-class taking an easy win followed by Steve using his downwind kinetics to max effect to try and catch up and Dave Acres who finished in 3rd.  The sea breeze kicked in for the last race breezing up to 18knts.  Steve got his act together scoring an impressive first with Paul Watson close on his tail, using his impressive low and fast upwind mode to devastating effect to make for a close finish.  Again Dave Acres finished 3rd.

    A tiring but good day enjoyed by all.  Four races tomorrow and all to play for.  Steve is clear ahead, with Dave comfortably in 2nd and in 3rd Paul Watson is joint on points with Greg Bartlett.

    Report by Greg Bartlett

    Day three

    RS300 National Championship Day Three Report

    Day three started with the race officer telling us it was only 15 knots out at sea, we were in the harbour so surely it would be easy for us?  It wasn't.  Possibly the anemometer on the committee boat had been attacked by spiders overnight.

    The first race started with a moderate breeze.

    The last race of the day started with the fleet wondering what the sadistic race officer could throw at us next.  Hopefully something less than the body breaking 50 minute races that had been the order of the day. With the breeze peaking the fleet got underway with Steve Bolland leading the way followed by Dave Acres and James Phare.  Paul Watson hadn't listened to the brief and remembered to hike up the last beat keeping them all honest and pulling a 2nd out the bag.  Race three saw some spectacular downwind moments with slippery Steve showing his kinetics off to fill form but with Richard Le Mare hiking hard now the wind was up enough pushing the leading pack hard up the last beat.  At least Nick Bolland’s boat got in front of his brother’s boat for 1 leg over the championships even though Nick wasn’t sailing.  Race four was an amazing swansong with the same four swapping the lead.  Sadly when pushing the pack back again Rich found the freak wave and lost 5 places to the ensuing pack.  Luckily for him the last race had the extra beat so he passed five boats on the last beat with thigh muscles screaming add loud as the howling wind.

    With one or two races remaining Steve Bolland has successfully retained the RS300 national title with the minor places based on who drinks the most whiskey on the final night in memory of the Scottish contingent who have gone home early.

    Report by Richard le Mare

    Overall event report

    RS300 Nationals: The Final Report

    With past or present RS300 sailors having picked up three other national titles already this Summer the time had come to sort out the home championship.  Would it be one of the old fleet hands or welcome newcomers or returnees from the International Moth, Laser, Phantom, Laser or Aero fleets who would come out on top?

    The first day had started miserably with torrential rain and a decided chill, not at all in keeping with the Summer so far, before clearing up ahead of racing with sunshine and a decent 10-12 knot breeze in the main.

    Day two was just bl**dy perfect with sunshine, warmth and 15-18 knots out in Weymouth Bay for three races in sensational waves, despite Race Officer Arky trying to kill us all by wiping us out against the RS100 fleet. (https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/208940/RS100-Europeans-at-the-WPNSA-day-2)

    What would day three bring?  With a decidedly dodgy forecast for the final day – wind, lots of it – the decision was made to try and run four races to get ahead of schedule.  Rumours were spreading like wildfire that we’d be out in the Bay again in up to 25 knots.  This would be a war of attrition.  In the end we settled for Portland Harbour with the wind in the low 20s.  So the scene was set – Steve Bolland, Dave Acres and Paul Watson (all in the top 4 last year) were in the box seats after the first two days but with half the regatta still to run everything was still up for grabs.

    Watson was hoping for more wind and longer beats to bring his athletic frame in to play.  So too Mark Cooper.  Greg Bartlett was hoping the salt wouldn’t mess up his luxurious head of hair.  Acres has never had an athletic frame, nor much hair come to that, and was hoping experience would count for everything.  What we were all hoping for was some close racing and we weren’t to be disappointed.

    For the first race of the day Richard Le Mare, outgoing class chairman and boat whiffler extraordinaire, was putting his own athletic frame to good effect in the boisterous conditions to equal his best result of the regatta.  However, it was Bolland, Watson and the wily Acres who took the podium positions.

    Race seven and the wind was properly up now.  Watson would have taken the race had he not binned it on the last run.  Le Mare would have taken another 4th had be not binned it on the last run.  Bolland and Acres, the dogs, took 1st and 2nd with Watson recovering to 3rd after giving himself a stern talking to.

    After two physical races we were all taking in energy bars, gels, bananas and drinks, unless you were one of the unlucky ones who lost the lot on the first capsize.  We were all hoping for some respite but Arky was being far too efficient and turning us round far too quickly.

    So, on to race eight.  Paul “Go Left” Watson unbelievably went left for the eighth time in a row and was clearly revelling in the conditions.  A few of us were hanging on waiting for a mistake and it was Bolland, that lucky so-and-so, who pounced on the last run to win narrowly from Watson, Acres and Le Mare.  To be honest, anyone of these four could have taken any of the races so far today with places changing constantly upwind and down.

    So was that it for Bolland?  He was clearly hanging and thought he’d done enough to sit out the final race.  Le Mare was having none of it though and wouldn’t reveal the minutiae of the SIs.  Bolland stayed out, hoping Le Mare would bin it again.

    As it was, Bolland tried to get the race over with before he got even more tired and actually led the fleet at the first mark for once.  No need of kinetics downwind.  What was all that about anyway? (https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/208908/RS300-Nationals-at-the-WPNSA-day-1). That’s libellous that is.  As the race progressed, Bolland, Acres and James Phare pulled ahead until Watson pulled a rabbit out the hat by hitting, you guessed it, hard left on the final beat to take another 2nd.

    And that, ladies and gentleman, was that.  As the wind rose on the final day there was a distinct reluctance to go afloat from the old hands.  Only newbie Nick Orman had got changed. He’s clearly never sailed an RS300 in 30 knots or he’d have known better, unless that is standard attire for Phantom sailors.  With a collective sigh of relief racing was binned for the day and Orman trudged back to the changing rooms.

    Report by Steve Bolland

    RS300 National Championship Prizes

    Team Trophy:  Bowmoor SC (Paul Watson and Charlie Sansom)

    Endeavour Trophy:  Mark Newton from Thorney Island SC

    McLube mid fleet prize (12th place): Jamie Freeman from Great Yarmouth and Gorleston YC

    Day one Clive Everest Cup:  Steve Bolland from Bristol Corinthian YC

    Day two Southern Sailboats Salver:  Steve Bolland from Bristol Corinthian YC

    Day three Speed Sails Trophy:  Steve Bolland from Bristol Corinthian YC

    Fidelis Trophy:  Harry McVicar from Draycote Water SC

    Wooden spoon:  Nick Bolland and Matt Sargent                

    Apprentice:  Greg Bartett from Starcross YC

    1st Youth:  Lionel Boats Trophy:  Greg Bartett from Starcross YC

    1st Silver : Holt Cup:  James Phare from Queen Mary SC

    Master: RMW Marine Cup:  Steve Sallis from Hykeham SC

    5th: Greg Bartett from Starcross YC

    4th:  Richard le Mare from Notts County SC

    3rd:  Dave Acres from Emsworth and Thorney Island SCs

    2nd:  Paul Watson from Bowmoor SC

    1st RS300 National Champion: RS Challenge Trophy:  Steve Bolland from Bristol Corinthian YC

    RS300 National Championship 2018

    Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy

    event burgee

    Results are provisional as of 10:13 on August 19, 2018


    Sailed: 9, Discards: 2, To count: 7, Entries: 23, Scoring system: Appendix A
    Rank Tally Class Fleet Nat Sail No Helm Club Master Lightweight Apprentice Fidelis R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 Total Nett
    1 40 RS300 Gold GBR 411 Steve Bolland Bristol Corinthian YC Y     Y (1.0) 1.0 1.0 (2.0) 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 10.0 7.0
    2 49 RS300 Gold GBR 528 Paul Watson Bowmoor SC         (9.0) (12.0) 6.0 1.0 2.0 2.0 3.0 2.0 2.0 39.0 18.0
    3 51 RS300 Gold GBR 544 David Acres Emsworth & Thorney SC Y       (5.0) (4.0) 2.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 2.0 3.0 3.0 28.0 19.0
    4 45 RS300 Gold GBR 585 Richard Le Mare Notts County SC       Y (10.0) 6.0 8.0 (15.0) 4.0 4.0 6.0 4.0 6.0 63.0 38.0
    5 50 RS300 Gold GBR 532 Greg Bartlett Starcross SC     Y   6.0 3.0 (13.0) 4.0 5.0 8.0 (14.0) 6.0 11.0 70.0 43.0
    6 35 RS300 Silver GBR 331 James Phare QMSC         12.0 (18.0) 3.0 (16.0) 9.0 5.0 5.0 9.0 4.0 81.0 47.0
    7 46 RS300 Gold GBR 523 Harry McVicar Draycote Water SC   Y   Y 7.0 8.0 4.0 6.0 (11.0) (9.0) 9.0 5.0 8.0 67.0 47.0
    8 47 RS300 Gold GBR 525 Mark Cooper Burghfield SC     Y   8.0 2.0 7.0 5.0 (17.0) 11.0,TAL (12.0) 12.0 7.0 81.0 52.0
    9 52 RS300 Gold GBR 555 Jon Emmett Weir Wood SC   Y Y   3.0 7.0 5.0 8.0 10.0 12.0 (18.0) (13.0) 12.0 88.0 57.0
    10 48 RS300 Silver GBR 527 Ian Clark Warsash SC         11.0 (16.0) 12.0 (13.0) 7.0 11.0 7.0 7.0 5.0 89.0 60.0
    11 55 RS300 Silver GBR 52 Nick Orman Castle Cove SC         (17.0) 11.0 16.0 11.0 6.0 7.0 4.0 (24.0,RET) 9.0 105.0 64.0
    12 42 RS300 Silver GBR 444 Jamie Freeman Great Yarmouth & Gorleston YC     Y   (14.0) (14.0) 14.0 9.0 12.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 103.0 75.0
    13 33 RS300 Silver GBR 313 Ben Green Lymington Town SC         13.0 13.0 10.0 7.0 (14.0) (15.0) 11.0 8.0 14.0 105.0 76.0
    14 43 RS300 Gold GBR 476 Steve Sallis Hykeham SC Y Y     2.0 5.0 15.0 (24.0,UFD) 13.0 13.0 8.0 (24.0,RET) 24.0,DNC 128.0 80.0
    15 38 RS300 Gold GBR 373 Richard Hargreaves Stewartby Water SC         (16.0) 9.0 11.0 10.0 13.0,TAL (14.0) 13.0 11.0 13.0 110.0 80.0
    16 44 RS300 Gold GBR 490 Alistair McLaughlin Prestwick SC Y Y   Y 4.0 10.0 9.0 14.0 16.0 (24.0,DNC) (24.0,DNC) 24.0,DNC 24.0,DNC 149.0 101.0
    17 37 RS300 Silver GBR 354 Mark Newton Thorney Island SC         (19.0) 17.0 (18.0) 12.0 15.0 17.0 16.0 15.0 16.0 145.0 108.0
    18 41 RS300 Silver GBR 541 Dan Treloar Stewartby Water SC   Y     15.0 15.0 (24.0,DNF) 17.0 (19.0) 16.0 17.0 14.0 15.0 152.0 109.0
    19 36 RS300 Silver GBR 339 Cheryl Wood Pennine SC     Y   (22.0) 21.0 20.0 21.0 (24.0,DNF) 19.0 19.0 16.0 17.0 179.0 133.0
    20 53 RS300 Silver GBR 337 Charlie Sansom Bowmoor SC   Y Y   (24.0,DNC) (24.0,DNC) 17.0 18.0 18.0 18.0 15.0 24.0,RET 24.0,DNC 182.0 134.0
    21 39 RS300 Silver GBR 383 Cameron McIntyre Prestwick SC   Y     18.0 20.0 19.0 19.0 20.0 (24.0,RET) (24.0,DNC) 24.0,DNC 24.0,DNC 192.0 144.0
    22 54 RS300 Silver GBR 531 Christopher McIntyre Prestwick SC   Y Y   21.0 22.0 21.0 20.0 21.0 (24.0,RET) (24.0,DNC) 24.0,DNC 24.0,DNC 201.0 153.0
    23 34 RS300 Silver GBR 318 Gary Morris South Cerney SC Y Y   Y 20.0 19.0 (24.0,DNC) (24.0,DNC) 24.0,DNC 24.0,DNC 24.0,DNC 24.0,DNC 24.0,DNC 207.0 159.0

    Scoring codes used

    Code Description Points
    DNC Did not come to the starting area 24
    DNF Started but did not finish 24
    RET Retired 24
    TAL 1 point discretionary penalty Varies
    UFD U flag disqualification under rule 30.3 24



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