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Look to the future... It's bright and it involves sailing your RS300

RS300 coaching weekend with George Cousins Sat 23 and Sun 24 Feb 2019 at Thorney Island

All the info and booking is here

Top single hander coach George Cousins has agreed to repeat his highly successful coaching weekend of February 2018 on Thorney Island!
Sat 23 and Sun 24 Feb 2019
Same super location: Thorney Island, Army Inshore Sail Training Centre PO10 8DS info here, all tide launching, great sailing area in Chichester Harbour and potentially out to Hayling Bay
Same great facilities: top tech training room, accommodation £7 per night, free camping or van parking, kitchen, lounge, drying room, great changing rooms

£104 for members for two days of coaching (includes £4 of Chichester  Harbour dues for the weekend)
£100 for members who have paid for their annual Chichester Harbour dues plaque which is correctly displayed on their boat
£129 for non-members (includes Chi Harbour dues)
£125 for non-members (already paid annual Chi Harbour dues)

Why not take out RS300 class association club membership for £24 here ?

Buy your coaching ticket from the RS300 shop here

Then please send me the following info to me at [email protected] so George can correctly shape his coaching to his audience: experience, strengths, weaknesses, what you hope to get out of the coaching weekend, sail no

Book your £7 per night accommodation directly with Jed Cunningham 01243 388315, Mob 07516001776, [email protected]

You will need to bring your own RS300

Happy RS300 coaching!

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