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Posted: 04/03/2009
Top tips from the top sailors in the fleet
Posted: 05/05/2008
Check out this great presentation by Steve Bolland on sailing your RS300.  First delivered at the Inlands in 2008 it is as relevant today as then.  See Steve's updated comments on the RS300 group facebook page.

Photos thanks to: Steve Bolland, Chunkypics, Chris Gandy, Mike Shaw at Fotoboat, Fotoboat, Roberto Vuilleumier of Slidebox.it, Sailboatdeliveries.com

Replacing the Daggerboard Shock cord

Posted: 10/09/2004
There are two ways of replacing the shock cord that holds down your daggerboard, which depends on the age of your boat.

Older boats should follow the advice of Phil Davis but if you are lucky then your boat will have the modified system, which is much quicker and easier to replace, as described by Steve Macdonald.

I had to replace the shock cord last year, on 329. It does take some time so allow at least a couple of hours. The way to do it is:
  • Turn the boat right over
  • The boat is moulded with a �well� on the right-hand side of the daggerboard slot. This holds the shock cord stopper knot and is then filled, gel coated, smoothed and polished. (So it is hard to find). It will be immediately inline with the shock cord dangling in the daggerboard slot.
    You will need to carefully find the filled area a �dig� it out to expose the shock cord stopper knot.
    The rest is self explanatory
  • Remove the old cord
  • Replace new cord with stopper knot
  • Fill well in boat
  • Gel coat
  • Smooth
  • Polish

I hope that this gives you some help in sorting out the problem.
Phil Davis.

Having just done the bungee on 474, it only took me about 10 minutes.

The way I did it was this.

  • With the boat on its side, I removed the old bungee � pulled through the hole starboard aft of the casing, and cut away from the P clip in the well inside the casing.
  • Fed the new bungee through the hole from above and into the casing.
  • Looped the bungee through the takeaway string, and then tied it round the P clip in the casing with a double thumb knot
  • Tensioned so it seemed tight enough, and then secured back at the mainsheet point.

Keep breaking your tiller extension?

Posted: 16/05/2001
Tie a piece of string through the inside of your tiller extension, so when you break it you don't loose the broken bit and can repair it when you get ashore.
Posted: 11/02/2003
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