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RS300 Inlands New Date and Location!

Hykeham Saiing Club have not yet returned to racing so are unable to host the RS300 Inlands but Burghfield SC have stepped into the breach!

HURRAY!!!!!!  All the excitement of an Inlands compressed into one intense day of racing!

Don't miss this opportunity to strut your RS300 stuff with your pals on the RS300 Rooster National Tour!

Message from Burghfield here:

"The club has equipped itself with stringent social distancing and clubhouse rules to ensure the safety of all members and guests visiting the club. We kindly ask you follow our guidance if you are visiting the club and we are looking forward to giving you a big warm welcome! "

Event info so far here

Did you catch the new RS300 event at Paignton SC 5-6 Sept 2020? Info here

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Happy #RS300Sailing! Keep safe and well!



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