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Winners and Swimmers – A guide to the 2021 RS300 National Championships @ Brixham YC

With only a couple of sleeps before the long awaited 2020 2021 Nationals, it’s time to take a random punt as to who might do well, who has spent too much time running, and who may have played a little too much golf…

Previous Winners

Just 2 to worry about this time around, Dave Acres and Steve Bolland are both used to battling it out at the front of the fleet and it is hard to see them being too far off the pace. Ultra-athlete Steve will be either hoping the wind doesn’t get too hairy for his lighter frame or that the races are about 10 hours long. Whilst I suspect Dave will probably have spent his training time in the boat rather than wearing out pairs of trainers.


 Within reason that leaves the rest of us. Richard Le Mare is coming to the event off the back of an impressive 2nd in his first H2 nationals. Greg Bartlett has re-joined the fleet and could be one to watch if his success in the RS Aero class is anything to go by. Harry McVicar has the fitness but will the distraction of his 2 Dachshund puppies cause him to lose focus? Peter Mackin’s Tangerine Machine has been consistently fast, and if the wind is on the lighter side the smart money will be backing Steve Sallis & Tom Moore to put in some low numbers

Likely Outcome

No idea. All we know is some races will be sailed, a couple of beers will be drunk, and at the end of it all a new RS300 National Champion will be announced. I’m just hoping that all the practice I’ve had tacking up fairways will somehow help me out in the boat.

Paul Watson



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