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NEW LOCATION Rooster Inland Championship

RS300 Rooster Inland Championship at Burghfield Sailing Club 17 Oct 2020

Burghfield SC generously stepped in as change of venue for the 2020 inland championship.

Race One:  The course was to windward then spreader marks with a buoy halfway down the run.  Next was a beat up to a buoy on the East side of the two islands then a run down to a leeward gate to complete a lap.  Two laps were displayed.  On the first beat boats were spread out either side of the race course.  At the top of the course Harry Mcvicar was leading followed by Steve Bolland and Martin Harrison.  The lead changed many times.  The wind was not constant in strength allowing those behind to slowly catch up.  The race officer decided to do a grand prix finish as the wind had dropped to nothing.  The top three were Harry, then Steve, Peter Mackin then Martin Harrison. 

Race Two:  The course was shorter with leg to windward and spreader marks, with a leeward gate.  Again it was two laps. Peter had the best start and sailed to a commanding lead.  The wind went light again and veered to the West making the beat a close reach.  Then the wind swung back again.

After lunch it was Race Three:  The wind dropped off again so the PRO moved the committee boat as the wind filled in from the South.  A windward leeward course was set.  The RS300s watched the RS400 start.  As they sailed away the wind dropped.  It was funny watching them roll tack to make headway forward.  Possibly a RRS 42 breach?  But who cares when everyone is doing it! Well all the RS400s anyway.  The wind at the committee boat veered to the North.  That wind did not arrive at the windward marks.  So there was a race course with opposite wind directions on it with a doldrums area in the middle.  Two boat were unlucky and called OCS.  Harry Mcvicar had the best start.  The key to this race was avoiding the wind shadow of the RS400s and breaking through the doldrums.

Race Four:  This course was around the club marks in a square box shape leaving the buoys to starboard.  The PRO moved the committee boat as the wind was changing direction and strength again.  Peter had the best start and just fetched the first buoy with two others following close behind.  The leading RS400 was going to complete a lap when the start happened.  So not only were we RS300s racing our own class but also trying to keep clear wind was the key for doing well. All the races were hard on the knees when trying not to capsize on top of you.  The Inland Championship winner was decided on the last race.  Well done Peter.

At prize giving everyone was wearing a mask and socially distanced.  Thank you to the event sponsor Rooster for supplying lots of great prizes. Thank you to the race management for getting all four races in very testing conditions.  And the biggest thank you to Burghfield sailing club for stepping in and running the RS300 Inlands.

Report by Martin Harrison

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Rooster RS300 Inlands Championships                  
      Race 1  Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Total Pts
Result Entrant Sail Number Position Pts Position Pts Position Pts Position Pts  
1st Peter Mackin 556 3rd 3 1st 1 2nd 2 1st  1 4
2nd Harry McVicar 523 1st  1 2nd  2 1st  1 2nd  2 4
3rd Martin Harrison 481 4th 4 4th 4 5th  5 3rd 3 11
4th Ben Heppenstall 395 6th 6 6th 6 3rd 3 4th 4 13
5th Tom Moore 519 5th  5 8th  8 4th 4 5th  5 14
6th Pete Davies 508 9th  9 7th  7 6th  6 DNC 16 22
7th Rob Ford 351 8th  8 11th 11 7th 7 7th  7 22
8th Steve Bolland 411 2nd  2 5th 5 DNC 16 DNC 16 23
9th Pete Horn 426 7th  7 10th  10 8th  8 DNC 16 25
10th Cheryl Wood 532 12th 12 12th 12 9th  9 6th  6 27
11th Graham Cooper 520 10th  10 3rd  3 DNC 16 DNC 16 27
12th Keith Willis 433 11th  11 9th  9 DNC 16 DNC 16 36
13th Josh Wilce 512 DNC 16 DNC 16 DNC 16 DNC 16 48
13th  Richard Packer 503 DNC 16 DNC 16 DNC 16 DNC 16 48
13th  Richard Le Mare 525 DNC 16 DNC 16 DNC 16 DNC 16 48
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