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Club Information : Aquavitesse, The Netherlands

Contact: Marieke Gijzel
Tel:0031 (0)111-482039
Email: Marieke Gijzel
Website: http://www.aquavitesse.nl/


Sailing school Aquavitesse: at the dinghy park and race office accommodation like a hostel with 4 beds on a room. Price for a bed €15/£12 per night/person. Book in advance!  By mailing [email protected] or by telephone 0031-111-482039

5 minutes driving from marina
Contact -
De Stoofpolder
Boomdijk 21
4311 BL Bruinisse
P. +31(0)111-481480
F. +31(0)111-483103
E. [email protected]

Aquadelta Holiday Park
Family friendly holiday park, 5 minute walk from the Marina. Ideal accommodation with indoor swimming pool, bowling, sports facilities, bars and restaurants.
VakantiePark Aquadelta
Hageweg `t Centrum 269
4311 NS Bruinisse
Telefoon : 0111 - 48 19 40
Fax : 0111 - 48 27 62
Website :www.aquadelta.nl
E-mail :[email protected]

There are 2 campsites a 5 minute drive from the marina. For further details go to

http://www.dewelblok.nl or to book go to [email protected] or phone 0031-111-482523. This is a Dutch only language website

Camping ’t Hoge Zand, Zandweg 44308, AB Sirjansland
Tel. 0111-641989

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